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Reading the “Walks in Rome” we learn that Henry Beyle best known as Stendhal in the years when he was consul of France to Civitavecchia , had the opportunity to stop and visit the castle garden that Prince Don Alessandro Torlonia had recently finished to build.

It keeps the original XIX century design consists of narrow paths and flower beds, now sown with grass bounded by slabs of tufa and borders Iris of Florence mixed cultivars of Iris germanica .
It will predominate white flowers, a few of those other colors are always pastel shades.
Recently, the addition of climbing roses, leaning against the trunk of the cypress trees and other shrubs, to integrate a few antique roses miraculously survived.
Fragrant white flowers of jasmine citrus: sambac and grandiflorum officinale, of Choysie ternata and Mandevilla suaevoelens .

Scattered tufts of white and purple violet odorata and vases of old varieties of roses in clear simple flower .

Trees are typical of the maquis shrubland ‘Mediterranean’, many born spontaneously in the long years of neglect: oaks, laurels, pines, cypresses and the side facing south, a citrus grove with oranges, lemons, grapefruit, tangerines, kumquats and a former Citrus medica perhaps a “Cedars of Rome”.

In the midst of the garden , in the center of the circular flower bed , a pillar surmounted by a marble jar is an inscription dedicated to Teresa Colonna.